Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Well, here it is the beginning of December, and the event and demonstration season is winding down, with just one more event on the 17th of December, with Victorian crafts.

This doesn't mean we close up shop.  Rather, the test kitchen is really cranked up, and the smells of Savoy cake, and ratafia biscuits waft up the stairs as I type this.  These are the essential ingredients for a Regency trifle, which will be going to the Regency dance group on Friday night.

Left to make is the syllabub, which is a lovely lemon and wine flavoured fluff.  The orange custard is cooling in the fridge, and everything is ready to assemble tomorrow.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Victorian Picnic

What an amazing season so far.  We have made Georgian Ice Cream, Edwardian hors'doeuvres, Medieval delicacies, and are now getting ready for the challenges of the late season!  After the Edwardian music hall this weekend, we are going to put together a wonderful Victorian picnic for the reenactors  in Buxton for the ending of the Gilbert and Sullivan Festival the final weekend of July.  We'll be demonstrating and giving samples as usual.... possibly with our Boston Brown Bread, a game pie, potted tongue, three or four different cakes, a salamagundy, and of course, Lemonade.  Come have an audience with Queen Victoria and her mistress of Robes, and try our victorian food!  See you there!

Monday, 23 April 2012

Medieval cooking at English Festival

We had a wonderful weekend at the English Festival, and our Andalusian Lamb recipe, redacted from a 13th century recipe was as usual luscious  Thank you to all of the 4and20 team who made the displays of grain milling, bread kneading, and butter churning come to life!

Friday, 10 February 2012

Living History 2012

The new year begins on Sunday, with a Victorian Language of Flowers, Afternoon tea, and all of the preparations, both upstairs and downstairs at the lovely Ayscoughfee Hall museum in Spalding, Lincolnshire.
Museum opening times are 10:30-4 pm, and admission is free.

Come taste Victorian loves wells, a lemon and chocolate cake, help grind sugar and freeze icecream, make valentines for your sweetheart, and find out what you are really saying with that bouquet of flowers!
Meet Mrs Baxter our cook, Mrs Gibson, the housekeeper, Branston the butler, Morgan the underbutler, Yarp the dogsbody, Oliver, the boy of all work,Mrs Norman, and Mrs Brennan.  Ambrose Pratt, yes that is a Pratt with two t's, will be calling on Mrs Norman and Mrs Brennan...let's see how his valentine's schemes play out!